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U-Match is undergoing changes. If you are looking to provide babysitting, nanny, or tutoring services, please click the appropriate button below for registration information.

If you are looking for a babysitter, nanny, or tutor, stay tuned, that will be coming soon.

U-Match is a way to help faculty, staff and students find alternative options to meet their child care needs. By participating in the program you can view a list of members in the University community who are willing to provide care as

  • Babysitters for short periods of time
  • Nannies for longer durations
  • Tutors of multiple subjects
  • Those willing to care for pets

If you want to participate, fill out the appropriate form and you will have access to the U-Match information within two business days.

Parents and caregivers of both children and pets should note: This service does not perform or provide background checks on any listed service provider. It is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian to acquire any desired information to determine if a registered provider meets appropriate criteria, legal and otherwise. Parents and guardian are encouraged to use their best judgment before making any arrangements.

If you need a Child Care Referral for licensed child care, please visit our Learn About Child Care page.


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Registration Forms


U-match Requirements

U-Match REQUIRES both service providers and parents/caregivers be affiliated with the University of Utah and have a uNID. This service is available for use by any University affiliate and their immediate family members. To participate, immediate family members must:

  • be an adult, 18 years or older,
  • legally related to the university affiliate,
  • live with the University affiliate,
  • and be willing to provide a current home address and phone number

U-Match administrators reserve the right to remove the name and contact information of any participant for any reason. Registration and/or participation in this service implies no right or expectation of remaining on the registry lists.

Last Updated: 5/14/21