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Nanny Registry Links

This website offers information on nannies in your area. Simply enter your zip code to get a listing of local nannies. This does require you to register for their services. They do offer a free basic option to view limited information along with other options which require a subscription fee. Under the link articles and resources is an excellent resource in answering basic questions in your search.

This website offers information on nannies in this area. It does require registration with a subscription cost; it does give the ability to preview prior to subscribing. Under the contact link you can find online help files that include information on interview, background checks and other useful information.

There is an excellent section with helpful forms and tools which include sample agreements as well as logs in a pdf format. There is also valuable information concerning hiring information and tips.

This site offers a nanny payroll service for a fee.

This site offers a 7 day trial to view information on nannies in this area. Also offers services in pet care, elderly care and other options.

Cultural care

Unique to daycare or nannies, they are live-in child care providers from different countries around the world. This site charges a fee for registration.


Last Updated: 5/14/21