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Learn About Child Care

The University of Utah Student Parent Support Center offers services to assist University students, faculty, and staff in their search for quality child care services.

All children need quality care, whether at home with a parent, being cared for by a relative or in a child care setting.  Quality care promotes the optimal growth and development of children.

Types of Care

Learn about the different types of child care available and how they compare to each other. Every child is different and having all the information can help you determine what is best for your child.

Selecting a Quality Program

Learn how to recognize quality in a child care program.  Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask can help you make a better informed decision.

Child Care Quality Checklist

We encourage you to make an on-site visit to any provider that you are considering and use this checklist to evaluate their services.

Visit or Phone Our Office.

We can provide you with additional consultation beyond the Child Care Info Packet and our website. You can schedule a visit to our office or reach us by phone or email:

*Our resources are available to you at no charge. Please check our website often for new programs and child care information. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Please note that Student Parent Support Center cannot recommend or place children in a child care facility. They do not license, endorse, or monitor any caregiver. Only parents are qualified to select the child care situation that is right for their child. Consumer education materials and developmental checklists have been included for your convenience.

Last Updated: 10/27/23