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Child Care Waitlist Application

Please Note: Once you submit your application, you will be directed to a confirmation page to pay the wailist application fee.  You will not be added to the waitlist until you have paid the application fee.

Questions? Call 801-585-5897 or email

Please make sure you complete the waitlist application fee at the end of the application. 

Parent 1 Information

Employer Information for Parent 1

School Information for Parent 1

Demographic Information for Parent 1

Parent 2 Information (skip if not applicable)

Employer Information for Parent 2 (skip if not applicable)

School Information for Parent 2 (skip if not applicable)

Demographic Information for Parent 2 (skip if not applicable)

Family Information

For reference to the 2022 income guidelines for EHS please see the table at the bottom of this web page.


Center Preference
Select center(s) in order of preference (ex: First is your most preferred).

Child 1 Information


Child 2 Information


Child 3 Information


Child 4 Information


Exemption Information

Additional Comments

Last Updated: 8/10/23