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Family Friendly Spaces

Lactation Rooms

A room for nursing mothers is private space a nursing mother can use to express milk. This space is shielded from view and free from intrusion of others. Nursing mother’s rooms are functional private spaces with a place to sit and access to an electrical outlet.

Use the Campus Map to find the lactation room nearest you.

Diaper Changing Areas

Baby changing stations are available throughout the University for your convenience. These changing stations are typically mounted on a vertical wall, or on a horizontal surface such as a counter-top. A typical changing station has a changing platform to be folded down to use and a restraining harness to secure the baby for safety.

Note: Babies and young children are extremely susceptible to infection and disease and improper cleaning of a baby changing station can assist in spreading such problems. Please use one or two baby wipes to wipe down the baby changing station. Baby wipes are sanitary and any parent changing their baby will have them. Please be courteous to the next family.

Last Updated: 2/4/24